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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
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Gen Park Assumes Command as 41st Chairman of JCS
  • The assumption of command ceremony for the 41st Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff took place on Thursday, October 11th on the parade field of the Ministry of National Defense. In attendance were the Minister of Defense; active duty general officers; USFK general officers; distinguished guests including former Chairmen of the JCS and reserve general officers; and the servicemembers of the JCS.

    In his inaugural remarks, Chairman Park stated that the ROK Armed Forces will become a robust fighting force that can 'win before the fight' (先勝求戰), who will firmly support the peace and prosperity of Korea by its strength. To that end, Chairman Park will work to 'enhance advanced capabilities for responsible defense by implementing Defense Reforms 2.0'; 'cultivate a motivated force that is determined win'; 'cultivate an agile force that responds to rapid changes in the security environment'; 'establish centripetal, joint capabilities by bringing every servicemember's heart and mind together'; and 'deter war by preparing combined joint operational capabilities and readiness across all spectrum,' etc.
Gen Park Assumes Command as 41st Chairman of JCS_0

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