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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
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CJCS Won's phone call with US CJCS·INDOPACOM CDR
  • ㅇ General WON In Choul spoke on the phone for the first time with his US counterpart, GEN Mark Milley on Tuesday morning, 6 October. The two leaders joined to affirm that the ROK-US combined defense posture will be maintained and developed on the foundation of a firm ROK-US Alliance. 원인철 합참의장은 6일(화) 오전에 마크 밀리 美 합참의장과 취임 후 첫 공조통화를 실시하고, 굳건한 한미동맹을 바탕으로 연합방위태세를 더욱 공고히 유지·발전시켜 나가자는데 의견을 같이하였다.

    ㅇ The two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs also assessed that there has been close collaboration between the military authorities of the ROK and the US and committed to continually providing proactive military support to both national governments' diplomatic efforts to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and to bring about enduring peace. 양국 합참의장은 한미 군사당국 간 긴밀한 협조관계가 유지되고 있다고 평가하면서 향후에도 한반도의 완전한 비핵화와 항구적 평화정착을 위한 양 정부의 외교적 노력을 군사적으로 적극 뒷받침하기로 하였다.

    ㅇ The intent of this phone call was to strengthen senior-level communication between the ROK and US military leadership following General Won's assumption of duties as the ROK CJCS so as to maintain a strong Alliance unity.이번 공조통화는 제42대 합참의장 원인철 대장의 취임을 맞아 한미 군사 고위급 간 소통을 강화함으로써 한미동맹의 결속력을 유지해 나간다는 취지에서 실시되었다.

    ㅇ General Won also plans to have another phone call with ADM Davidson, Commander of US INDOPACOM, on Friday the 9 October. End 한편 원인철 합참의장은 9일(금), 필립 데이비슨 인도태평양사령관과도 공조 통화를 실시할 예정이다. 끝.
CJCS Won's phone call with US CJCS·INDOPACOM CDR_0

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