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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
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GEN Kim Seung Kyum, CJCS Hosts Office Call with GEN Angus Campbe...
  • ○ Chairman Kim Seung Kyum hosted General Angus Campbell, Chief of the Australian Defence Force for an office call on Monday August 28, 2023.

    ○ As ROK-US combined exercise UFS 23 continues on, Chairman Kim and General Campbell discussed ① their assessments of the security landscape in the Korean Peninsula, ② DPRK's military threat, including their nuclear weapons and missiles, and response measures, and ③ ways to promote military cooperation between the two countries.

    ○ In particular, the two military leaders agreed that DPRK's illegal military provocations, including their recent launch of "self-purported satelite launch vehicle", various missile launches, and UAV incursions, and blatant threat of nuclear use are adversely threatening peace not only in Korean Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific but also the rest of the world.

    ○ Meanwhile, Chairman Kim conveyed his gratitude for Australia's participation in UFS 23 and contribution to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula as a UNC member state. Additionally, he expressed his hopes for ROK-Australia military cooperation to develop to new heights through various trainings and military exchange.

    ○ Australia is a traditional friend and partner of the Republic of Korea that contributed 17,000 troops during the Korean War, and through summit talks in May of this year, the two countries agreed to strengthen strategic communication and pursue close cooperation for the promotion of peace in the region. ROK and Australia have sustained close exchange and cooperation in various fields including military, diplomacy, and economy.

GEN Kim Seung Kyum, CJCS Hosts Office Call with GEN Angus Campbe..._0 GEN Kim Seung Kyum, CJCS Hosts Office Call with GEN Angus Campbe..._1

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